2014 Opportunities

Prince Edward Island 2014 – the 150th anniversary celebration of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference – is an exciting opportunity for IMAC members to contribute proposals for any project, event, presentation  or original work.  IMAC is eligible to submit proposals for funding and there is no limit on how many for each consecutive deadline, and IMAC is willing to accept any grant proposal from any member or group of members for submission to ‘2014’. Go HERE to find out more about the grant requirements for 2014.

Please be advised that the deadline for submission to IMAC will be Thursday, November 29th.

IMAC will not make selections, or operate as a jury.  Our goal is for the board to review all proposals to make certain of their viability with regards to the ‘2014’ requirements, thematically, practically and fiscally.  Our goal is to help each proposal be as strong and as focused as possible – thus the initial deadline of November, to allow feedback and revisions beforewe submit to ‘2014’.  All proposals should also be made in a spirit of growing our co-op, reflecting well on the co-op and having relevance to the co-op’s mandate, history and goals.