Charlottetown Film Festival promises an incredible line up


IMAC is proud to support the Charlottetown Film Festival with a sponsorship of their ‘Acting for Camera’ workshop.

Charlottetown Film Festival will showcase and celebrate screen works by filmmakers from Prince Edward Island and all of Atlantic Canada.

At the helm as Executive Director is industry veteran Cheryl Wagner. Screenings combined with lively receptions promise to deliver a memorable weekend for film fans and filmmakers at City Cinema.

SAVING YOU A SEAT… Sept 29, 30, Oct 1

‘FLOTILLA’ coming to Charlottetown

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IMAC is excited to support Flotilla, the upcoming weeklong artist/arts organization gathering in Charlottetown Sept 21 to 24. We will be providing equipment throughout the event and have provide passes for FIVE artists to attend .

Flotilla offers many amazing opportunities to experience work that we don’t often get to experience in PEI. Attending this multi-faceted event will open your mind to new ideas, perhaps help you see a little differently, which can work to inform and shape whatever kind of work you are creating.

For more information on Flotilla go to


FLOTILLA/FLOTTILLE is the first transnational gathering focusing on nomadic and temporary elements of contemporary artist-run culture in Atlantic Canada. From September 21st to 24th 2017, participants from around the world will work alongside regional artists and practitioners to re-imagine artist-run culture in a series of public exhibitions, events and discussions in and around Charlottetown, PE. Taking inspiration from a nautical metaphor of boats banded together in open water, FLOTILLA/FLOTTILLE speaks to the shifting tides within cultural practice: ideas of nomadism, isolation, transition, exchange, and innovation.

FLOTILLA/FLOTTILLE’s program considers the flexible, responsive and provisional forms of organization that are increasingly necessary for the sustained evolution of contemporary artist-run culture. Innovative platforms for artistic collaboration will be a key focus. FLOTILLA/FLOTTILLE’s discourse will happen outside traditional spaces of power, on beaches, over the lunch table, at night, and in the public square, focusing on artistic production through current social and political themes.

FLOTILLA/FLOTTILLE aims to strengthen artist-run networks, exploring the emancipatory idea that artist-run space-making encourages owning the means of production; through cultural negotiations and conversations around food, collaboration, floating architecture, and the travelling archive as platforms to reach new audiences. We will explore pertinent ideas including: cultural negotiation, documentation, imaginary futures, identify and challenge past and current colonial gestures, and emphasizing how our relationship with available creative “spaces” affects artistic productivity.


IMAC seeking visionaries for their Board of Directors

PEI Film is blossoming and IMAC is seeking visionaries to join our Board of Directors. In particular we are looking for a President with knowledge of organizational bylaws and policy development, as well as board governance. We also welcome any new voices who want to be active members of the board to contribute to the development of the organization and the film and media arts on PEI. Please contact Renee at if you are interested or would like more information.

PEIFest is here!

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IMAC is a proud sponsor of the PEI Film, Food and Ideas Festival. We have sponsored a young filmmaker to participate in the social entrepreneurship conference. We also have loaned the marketing team a camera so they can chat with people to get their ideas percolating and share them with the community at large.

IMAC’s ED, Renee Laprise and PEI Screenwriters’ Bootcamp coordinator Louise Lalonde will be attending the film festival, panels and the Saturday dinner.

IMAC encourages everyone to take in at least one of the films this weekend especially our local films including:

Bluefin – John Hopkins

Singing to Myself – Harmony Wagner and Jason Rogerson

Little Bay Islands – Jason Arsenault and Mille Clarkes

Mothers and Methadone – Jenna MacMillan

There will be a panel Sunday at 1:00pm on the Future of Film on PEI which will include Adam Perry, Mille Clarkes, John Hopkins, Harmony Wagner and Mark Sandiford.

Lovely Witches Club present at Banff World Media Festival

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June 20th, 2017

The Lovely Witches Club at Banff World Media Festival 2017

Article By Patti Larsen (with Renee Laprise)

It’s been a fantastic eighteen months designing the relaunch of the Lovely Witches Club, as a full brand consisting of a real life community, books, merchandise and, of course, our Telefilm micro-budget funded webseries.

Founded in 2009, Renee and I have been nurturing the idea and the network of creativity and reclaiming the word “witch” to reference the personal power of all who use it. When Renee approached me in the fall of 2015 after our latest Witches Ball with the plan to pitch for the micro-budget program, I jumped at the chance.

With the brand already established, it was relatively straight forward for us to come up with a marketing strategy, based not only on the LWC itself, but tying in my own personal brand as a full-time award-winning author. The combination must have piqued Telefilm’s interest, because we moved forward in their process and received funding to make the webseries a reality.

Production for the twelve minute/seven episode series happened in 2016, with the bulk of filming happening in August. In November, we were fortunate enough to be included in Telefilm’s Digital Opportunity Bootcamp, hosted during the 2016 Playback Marketing Summit in Toronto, ON. This gave us the chance to learn from experts in marketing, including meeting face-to-face with our digital marketing specialist, Annelise Larson, as well as the other micro-budget participants. We were also given access to the full summit and heard panels from experts representing huge brands and their strategies for success.

Armed with even more amazing knowledge, we made a plan for 2017. The first novella based on episode one launched in January, with the rest publishing when the web episodes aired, beginning in May of 2017.

Our goal to release one episode a week until June 12th was bumped ahead when we were contacted by Telefilm and asked to attend and speak on a panel at the Banff World Media Festival. With many thanks to Francesca Accinelli, director of national promotions and communications at Telefilm, we had the opportunity to be part of this amazing event and participated in a wonderful panel focusing on new voices with Francesca as the host, sharing the stage with Aaron Levitz, head of Wattpad Studios and J. Joly, executive producer from The Coup. Our hour-long panel explored many topics, including finding an audience, growing brand across multiple formats and developing partnerships for greater reach.

Not only did we get to speak about our project, the chance to mingle and communicate with so many talented and motivated producers, buyers and broadcasters gave us the kind of reach we’d never expected at this juncture. Neither Renee or myself intended to pitch the Lovely Witches Club at this event—we had barely two weeks to prepare and wanted instead to absorb as much information as possible before deciding which route we wanted to take. But out of that desire came many opportunities to talk about our brand, including handing out pins (the Head Witch buttons ran out almost immediately, an excellent marketing test!) to a multitude of people, as well as the first novella in print format. Through our offerings, we feel we made real connections with those we talked to. We saw women (and men) including funders and content producers, buyers and marketers identifying personally with the heart of the brand. It was truly thrilling.

We came away from the experience with not only new goals in mind and directions we now know we want to follow, but with connections to several people who were, in the end, asking how they could help us. Now with solid leads to pursue with the potential to develop into dynamic partnerships, we were and continue to be grateful for this entire process, for the support and enthusiasm of everyone we’ve worked with and who have offered assistance and guidance along the way.

We’re excited to know our magical journey has only just begun.

Wharf Rats double winners!

Our own “Wharf Rat’s” team, Jason Arsenault, Jenna MacMillan, Robbie Carruthers and Dennis Trainer are double winners having secured over $200,000 in funds from Telefilm/Talent Fund Micro-Budget Production Program and The Independent Production Fund.  Their Facebook page reads “Wharf Rats will be going into production as a web series this fall here on Prince Edward Island. Thank you all for your patience and support over the last couple years !”

Out of the 5 years that Telefilm has been running this program IMAC members have won 3. That’s pretty freakin’ good!

To learn more about “Wharf Rats” check out their Facebook page.

Great things happening at PEI Screenwriters’ Bootcamp

PEI Screenwriters’ Bootcamp starts tomorrow and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Louise Lalonde has done it again! For the 11th year in a row Bootcamp is bringing in top writers from Canada and the US to help dozens of Atlantic region writers in various stages in their careers get their stories honed for the big and little screen. And this year we have Deb Patz, production manager extraordinaire, with us running a Production Management bootcamp. Super stoked.

There will be 2 events open to the public.

1) Monday, June 5 at 4 p.m. there is a free screening of Away From Everywhere at City Cinema with Brad Gover, one of the producers who will do a Q&A after.

2) Industry Panel (Wednesday June 7, 10am, Haviland Club)
We are hosting a panel with industry people on “So, What Happens Next?”.  The panel is open to anyone interested.  The panelists represent the Canada Media Fund, Telefilm Canada, the Independent Production Fund, the Harold Greenberg Fund, the National Screen Institute, and Bell Media–all funding sources for film and television. (see attached bios of panelists and special guests)

We are very grateful to our sponsors for investing in our writers. And IMAC would like to thank Louise Lalonde for her years of tireless effort to build PEI Screenwriters’ Bootcamp into something amazing!













Lovely Witches Club heading to the Banff World Media Festival

lwc splash page

Great news! Patti Larsen and Renee Laprise have been invited by Telefilm Canada to speak at the 2017 Banff World Media Festival in Banff, Alberta from June 11th-14th.

With delegates from Disney to NBC, CBC, Discovery, Wattpad, and Amazonthe Banff World Media Festival is one of the most important buyers’ markets in the world.

Patti and Renee will be participating in a panel discussion June 13th as part of The Partner Presentation’s “Discovering New Voices” moderated by Francesca Accinelli, the director of Telefilm’s national promotion and communication. This will be a chance to introduce industry leaders, broadcasters and attendees to the Lovely Witches Club.

LWC will be live tweeting (look for #LWCBanff2017 and #Banff2017), posting to Instagram and Facebook and sharing the entire time.

In the meantime, look for the final two episodes of the Lovely Witches Club web series this Monday, June 5th.

Patti and Renee would like to thank Telefilm and Talent Fund for their support through the Micro-budget Production Program and Innovation PEI for their investment investment as well.

PEI Lands Another Telefilm Micro-budget Production Program Grant


IMAC is so excited to announce that “Wharf Rats”, a web-series developed by Jason Arsenault, Robbie Carruthers and Dennis Trainor and produced by Jenna MacMillan, has won the Telefilm Micro-budget Production Program fund this year.

Of the five years that this program has been in place PEI projects have won three of them. IMAC’s Executive Director, Renee Laprise has been closely following the project since it was submitted for consideration, “I knew as soon as I saw the project that it would be a no brainer for the Telefilm jury. The application was extremely well crafted and the project is funny as heck. It was too good to say no to.”

“Wharf Rats” has also been shortlisted for the highly competitive Independent Production Fund.

With an already established viewership (some videos have over 300,000 views already) we anticipate Wharf Rats will become a huge success. Check out their facebook page.

Congrats All!