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Intro to Film for Adults 8 Week Program

July 29, 2020 @ 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm



Join industry professional Shannon Shura and begin to develop the skills, knowledge, and network you’ll need to get your start in filmmaking. Shannon will provide industry-based, professional curriculum in our collaborative learning facility, FilmPEI. This 8-week course runs Wednesday evening from 5:30 to 8:30 beginning July 29 and running until September 16, 2020.

Due to Covid-19 protocols only 8 spots are available for this workshop. Pre-payment is required. Contact info@filmpei.com to register.

Fee: $240 plus hst

FilmPEI allows a ‘pay what you can’ option for its members. To inquire about this contact info@filmpei.

Please bring a mask and water bottles and/or your own drinks.

Below is the intended course curriculum, however the instructor may tweak to the needs and desires of the participants.

Week 1

• Introductions (Why do you want to learn about filmmaking?)
• A bit of film theory
• Introduction to the filmmaking process (development, production, post)
• Departments (and jobs within that department)
• Importance of collaboration/criticism
• Safety
• Introduction to equipment.

Homework: Watch a film chosen by the instructor.

Week 2

• Depending on group interest, will learn more about documentary and narrative.
• Intro to documentary filmmaking (treatment, interviews, supporting footage,  releases, stages/changes in storytelling/discovery)
• Intro to narrative filmmaking (story structure, best format for narrative, your unique perspective vs telling someone else’s story (importance of connection), avoiding stereotypes/unhelpful narratives, difference between “It happened in real life to me this way!” and entertaining an audience, showing not telling, where do you want to display your film?)
• Short narrative films: what stories work best (simple, few locations, short timeline)
• Mini exercise to get students thinking about what they want to shoot.

Homework: Watch short films (links provided), light reading on writing for doc/narrative. Write short film outline/treatment or short script.

Week 3

• Address homework (issues, challenges, advice)
• Camera (shots, angles, framing, camera movement, types of cameras, lenses/depth of field, camera roles)
• Lights (3 point lighting, colour temp, diffusion, shadows, using natural light, lighting roles, etc)
• Sound (types of mics, types of sound – special effects, dialogue, ambience, importance of rec. dialogue, peaking, how to record, sound roles)
• Mini exercise – use camera/lights/sound to record an interview or scene.

Homework: Use recording device at home and shoot something. Upload to dropbox to share. Light reading on Camera/lights/sound. Continue developing short script/treatment.

Week 4

• Watch footage captured from last week’s homework. Discuss.
• Directing (director’s vision, showing not telling, who is your audience?, storyboarding, theme, POV, focus, prepping for shoot/who you work with)
• Casting and working with Actors

Homework: storyboard the short film you wrote.

Week 5

• Production Prep (prod. management, script breakdown, location, talent, gear, paperwork, insurance, gear, crew, lunch/craft, money)
• Create story with group (set parameters, keep it simple)
• Storyboard it together
• Pre production (breakdown)
• Assign roles for next week.

Homework: Do necessary prep for next week. Assign light reading based on role.

Week 6

• Production: What happens on set.
• Safety
• Set up for short shoot.
• Shoot it.

Homework: Potential light reading/shoot short using previous concepts.

Week 7

• Editing: How editing is the final stage for story editing/telling. Editing theory/concepts.
• Basics on editing software (loading footage, saving backup, labelling best takes, clipping, j/l cuts, etc)
• Post Production Process. (colouring, sound, ADR, foley, sfx layering, titles, music)
• Edit group project.
• Distribution: Where are you going to show your film? (film freeway, youtube, friends & fam, NFB, etc)

Homework: Edit your short, post on Youtube or Vimeo (private/password protected) share link on dropbox.

Week 8

• Show and tell.
• See what the group is most interested in, and go more in depth/practice. Can also split into smaller groups and practice in a round-robin station capacity: eg, editing station, camera station, writing station.
• Q & A
• Next steps

Shannon Shura started in the industry as an actor in theatre, independent films, and commercials. After a few years she made the switch to behind the scenes. She is a graduate from the Advanced TV and Film program at Sheridan College, and has worked on a variety of short, web, and TV productions. She has held roles in development, production, and post production, making her well-versed in all aspects of the filmmaking process. Shannon has a passion for helping people tell their unique stories and perspectives, and is excited to support new filmmakers.


July 29, 2020
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm




57 Watts Ave.
Charlottetown, PE C1A 2B7 Canada
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