FilmPEI and COVID-19

Starting Monday FilmPEI will be resuming our normal hours, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Thomas will only be available at FilmPEI from 1 to 5pm. But gear can be picked up or dropped off throughout the day.

PLEASE GIVE US 48 HOURS NOTICE FOR GEAR RENTAL. We still need to disinfect between uses and that will take time.

Facilities may only be used by General and Producer members when FilmPEI staff are on site.  Starting June 8 Producer members may rent the facilities outside of regular hours. Renters must follow strict protocols when using FilmPEI facilities. Rentals must be booked 48 hours before use.

PLEASE CONTINUE TO BOOK EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR APPOINTMENTS. Renee will be in the office usually in the mornings but for everyone’s safety we would like to know who’s coming and when.

FilmPEI, like all businesses, must adhere to the PEI Public Health Office’s regulations and have a COVID-19 focused operational plan in place. We have sanitization stations around the space and a sanitization protocol. ANYONE COMING INTO THE SPACE WILL SIGN IN SO AS TO KEEP A RECORD IN THE CASE THAT CONTACT TRACING IS NECESSARY.

• feeling feverish
• new or worsening cough
• and/or difficulty breathing

According to PEI Public Health, film companies and individual filmmakers, photographers, sound people, etc. will be allowed to operate in a more robust capacity beginning June 1. It’s important to note that FilmPEI will require gear renters to provide an overview of their activity including number of participants and their plan to operate within the guidelines of PEI Public Health. FilmPEI can provide local filmmakers financial support for masks, gloves and hand sanitizer.

General Guidelines:
• people must SOCIAL DISTANCE by staying 6 feet apart outside and inside (this means actors, camera operators, assistants, sound recordists)

• maximum 10 crew inside and 20 outside

• Equipment may be shared – for example lavalier mics

• DO NOT share drink/food/utensils

• masks, sanitizer and gloves are not alternatives to SOCIAL DISTANCING.

• CONTACT TRACING is required to track participants’ contact information

Specific Guidelines (these are guidelines each production must be following):

1. Production:
• Film crew should only be a maximum ten (10) people indoors and twenty (20) people (actors, clients) in total outdoors and they must be able to remain six (6) feet apart.

• Production crews and clients/actors should fill out and sign a document asking standard Covid-19 questions and provide their phone number in case contact tracing is required. (Template can be found here)

• a crew member should be assigned as a Protocol Coordinator to make sure that everyone has signed their documents and are adhering to the production’s Covid-19 protocols.  It is suggested that prior to shoot day, the protocols are presented to all participants verbally, either by phone or in a group zoom, and that documents are digitally transmitted back and forth.

2. On-set procedure:
• on the day of shooting, the Protocol Coordinator must ensure all documentation is in order and verifies that all participants are not exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms.

• Only designated persons should be on the set. (No guests, friends, family members should be permitted.)

• Limit entry and exit from a location and ensure people can maintain a six (6) foot distance fromeach other at all times.

• Sanitizer must be on set at all times. It is suggested each participant carries their own.

• Crews should clean their hands with sanitizer when they arrive on set.

• Equipment may be handled by more than one person. For example, a lav mic may be handed to a subject to put on themselves. If the sound person must put the lav mic on a subject both should be wear masks and keeping their faces away from each other.

• Gear and set should be prepared by the crew while those being filmed wait in another area.

• Once everything has been set up, the subject can take their place.

• Onset makeup/hair services can happen but makeup/hair stylist must be adhering to the provincial guidelines for makeup/hair service providers.

• All conversations must respect the two-meter distancing rule.

• If something must be shared, for example, a chair which interviewees will sit on, this should be disinfected between uses.

• Crew should travel independently to and from set unless from the same household.

• People must maintain distancing rules during breaks and meals.

• No sharing utensils or food.

• If filming in someone’s house do not use the kitchen or bathrooms.

• It is suggested that crews if needing to being in close proximity to perform their jobs work in pods such as sound crew pod, camera pod, and with hair/makeup pod having the closest contact with the subjects of filming

• It is suggested that masks, gloves and extra sanitizer are available if asked for. (it is important to not that the federal government has recommended that people where masks outside of their homes)

Given the challenges coronavirus presents for set operations, these guidelines are fluid and can change at any time. Monitor your own behaviour regularly and be vigilant.

Moving forward 
It is imperative that people in general adhere to the guidelines put out by the PEI Public Health Office. It’s for the safety of our entire community. FilmPEI continues working hard to ensure that we can build a vibrant film sector, safely. We just need to be patient. 

Please understand that the above notes are based on today’s information. Covid-19 is unpredictable and so we must all be nimble and work with the guidelines we get at any given moment. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at with questions or suggestions.  Thanks for your patience and I hope you are all well!

Renee Laprise
Executive Director


• Equipment will be cleaned over all contact surfaces with alcohol swabs, or a spray disinfectant. The equipment is cleaned when returned from a rental.  If it has been used or touched inside the FilmPEI premises then it will be cleaned again before going out on another rental.

• requests must be submitted minimum 48 hours prior to rental pickup

Outgoing rental procedure:

• The member will arrange a pickup time with Thomas.  They will park at the back loading door, and call/text/knock upon arrival.  Members can load their own gear into their vehicles.

• Rental agreements will be done either via email or in person.

Returning rental procedure:

• The member will arrange a drop-off time with Thomas. They will park at the back loading door, and call/text/knock upon arrival.  Then they will load the equipment into the FilmPEI rental loading area by the back door.

• Thomas will assess gear, clean and put away into its regular storage area.

1. how many people are you shooting with? crew and clients/subjects?
2. where are you shooting – inside or outside?
3. if you are shooting inside how will you ensure 6 ft separation between crew members and clients?
4. who is handling the gear?
5. what kind of safety measures are you taking (masks, sanitizer) ?