JOB POSTING: Web/Database Developer and Digital Content Creator

NOTE: this job posting is directed toward recent GRADUATES who are 30 YEARS old and under. 

JOB POSTING: Web/Database Developer and Digital Content Creator

contract dates: November 2, 2020 to March 26, 2021

hours/fee: 30hrs/week @ $30/hour on salary

The Web/Database Developer and Digital Content Creator will work closely with FilmPEI to develop, design and populate a PEI Film Industry Website and Database.

Specific duties will include:

  • Work with FilmPEI to gather detailed business requirements
  •  Recommend web platform based on requirements
  • Design and implement chosen web platform
  • Design visual elements of site and database (or work with a designer)
  • Migrate data from the current databases to populate the new database
  • Document web platform architecture, functionality, and design elements for unit testing
  • Perform initial unit testing
  • Work with FilmPEI to perform UAT (User Acceptance Testing) based on initial business requirements
  • Perform remediation as necessary based on UAT results compared against business requirements
  • Perform final documentation, including creation of detailed instructions on web platform access and data population

This is a Digital Skills 4 Youth project which requires the applicant to:

  • be 30 years or younger at the beginning of the placement
  • have recently completed post-secondary studies, meaning a degree or diploma program from a recognized institution
  • not in receipt of Employment Insurance during their placement
  • self-assess as unemployed or underemployed, meaning they are employed below their level of education and/or hold part-time employments
  • be legally entitled to work in Canada
  • be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or person who has been granted refugee status
  • take Digital Skill Training’ and ‘Soft Skill Training’ during the duration of the placement

FilmPEI is a well-respected business in the Province. Working with the organization, the intern will gain valuable experience on a large and complex project. They will be required to deliver weekly updates to the Executive Director, detailing current progress, issues, and upcoming project milestones. The intern will learn key skills such as time management and managing client expectations.

FilmPEI has a wide range of partners with varied skills and competencies. FilmPEI will assess what the intern should deliver directly and what deliverables lie outside their scope of delivery. We like to challenge our staff, but we also are a teaching facility and know when we need to offer more support or change the scope of the project. In the end, the intern will walk away with a finished project for a major PEI client that will be a strong addition to their portfolio. Additionally, FilmPEI will gain a contact we may hire for future digital projects.

Please send your resume (including links to past work) to:

Renee Laprise at

Application intake closes Monday, October 26 at 4pm AST.

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