Media/Dance piece at Victoria Park Aug 28th!


11921673_1001822419849570_6104061870917525333_n THE DISTANCE TRAVELED_image

IMAC is thrilled to announce the presentation of IMAC member Judith Scherer’s newest media/dance piece on Aug 28th in Victoria Park.

The dance-performance THE DISTANCE TRAVELED explores relations between celestial and human motion – our constant traveling through space/the universe as we stand in stillness. This stillness is countered by the motion of dance. The rotation of the earth is made visible through a video sequence of a time-laps land and sky scape, shifting from night to sunrise, to day, to sunset and night.

Judith Scherer has created many dance-performances in Prince Edward Island over the last 25 years. Her last piece at Art in the Open also incorporated video projections. This year should be special as there will be a video wall, which will allow the video to be seen even in daylight.

To be performed at dusk in Victoria Park, Arboretum, Charlottetown on Aug. 28, approx. 20:00 pm

(rain date: Aug. 31)


for 3 dancers and single channel video installation

concept and direction: Judith Scherer

in collaboration with:

dancers, Taryn Verkerk, Megan Connors

video: Eileen Brady, Brian Sharp

electro-acoustic music: Shawn Ferris

costumes: Karyn MacPhee

Co-presented by Art in the Open and Confederation Centre Art Gallery. This project was made possible with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Island Media Arts Co-operative and the Prince Edward Council of the Arts.