FilmPEI is resuming its regular hours

Starting Monday FilmPEI will be resuming our normal hours, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Thomas will only be available at FilmPEI from 1 to 5pm. But gear can be picked up or dropped off throughout the day.

PLEASE GIVE US 48 HOURS NOTICE FOR GEAR RENTAL. We still need to disinfect between uses and that will take time.

Facilities may only be used by General and Producer members when FilmPEI staff are on site.  Starting June 8 Producer members may rent the facilities outside of regular hours. Renters must follow strict protocols when using FilmPEI facilities. Rentals must be booked 48 hours before use.

PLEASE CONTINUE TO BOOK EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR APPOINTMENTS. Renee will be in the office usually in the mornings but for everyone’s safety we would like to know who’s coming and when.

FilmPEI, like all businesses, must adhere to the PEI Public Health Office’s regulations and have a COVID-19 focused operational plan in place. We have sanitization stations around the space and a sanitization protocol. ANYONE COMING INTO THE SPACE WILL SIGN IN SO AS TO KEEP A RECORD IN THE CASE THAT CONTACT TRACING IS NECESSARY.

• feeling feverish
• new or worsening cough
• and/or difficulty breathing

FilmPEI will be partially opening May 25, 2020

FilmPEI has continued working during the shut down to develop the PEI Film Industry and create a vision for moving forward. Although it’s impossible to know exactly what will happen we are hopeful we will achieve the bright future we were working toward prior to Covid-19. 

Now, to answer some of your questions:

When will FilmPEI be opening?
FilmPEI, like all businesses, must adhere to the PEI Public Health Office’s regulations and have a COVID-19 focused operational plan in place prior to opening. We are doing that right now and intend on opening May 25th, 2020. That said, we will be opening gradually so we can get use to the cleaning protocols and limit the number of people in space at once. We will be asking members to make an appointment prior to coming to the facility. The doors will be locked and drop-ins will not be allowed until we are confident that we will be able to provide a safe environment for all our clients. We anticipate fully opening on June 1, 2020.

Can we rent gear?
Yes you will be able to rent gear. Thomas has created a protocol for gear rental that will require 72 hour notice (see below). Though gear will be sanitized all gear, in Phase 2, must be able to sit in quarantine for 48 hours to ensure it is not contaminated.

Can we rent the facilities?
Yes. But in Phase 2 facilities may only be used when FilmPEI staff are on site. Renters would need to follow strict protocols when using FilmPEI facilities. Rentals must be booked 72 hours before use. These restrictions may be lifted for Producer members later in Phase 3.

When will we be able to film and how do we film safely?
It is anticipated that full production will not be able to happen for a while. There is currently a consultation process happening across Canada to build a set protocol that will better guide productions. It is anticipated these will be available in early June. The Province will then assess and make the decision about opening PEI to larger productions.

As for the upcoming Phase 2 starting May 22nd:
According to PEI Public Health film companies and individual filmmakers, photographers, sound people, etc. will be allowed to operate in a limited capacity. Operational plans must be in place prior to activities as per Provincial guidelines (see below).

It’s important to note that FilmPEI will require gear renters to provide an overview of their activity including number of participants and their plan to operate within the guidelines of PEI Public Health. You can find a template here.

In general the rules are:

  • people stay 6 feet apart outside and inside
  • maximum 10 people congregating outdoors 6 feet apart
  • inside maximum 5 people from your own household and 5 others (so if you are shooting for a client inside there should be no more than 5 people on your team and even then you must keep 6 feet apart from each other an your clients)
  • DO NOT share equipment/items – a big one here is putting a lav mic onto a client – even giving a lav mic to a client to put on should not happen in this phase unless they are a part of your household
  • DO NOT share drink/food/utensils

Social distancing means actors, camera operators and assistants, sound recordists all need to remain separated by 6 feet.

FilmPEI has some masks and gloves for members to use, however it is important to remember that these are not an alternative to SOCIAL DISTANCING.

Since Phase 3 is starting on June 1 can we shoot then?
Phase 3 will still require social distancing and so larger shoots still will not be possible until protocols are delivered to us by the Province. This phase does allow sharing equipment so giving someone a lav to put on would potentially be acceptable in this phase. We will know more soon.

Will FilmPEI be running workshops this summer?
In Phase 3 limited participant workshops that can accommodate social distancing rules may be an option. We are not that far with planning yet. We do plan on offering more producing, production management etc workshops on zoom.

Moving forward 
It is imperative that filmmakers adhere to the guidelines put out by the PEI Public Health Office. It’s for the safety of our entire community. While we are waiting, FilmPEI continues working hard to ensure that we can build a vibrant film sector, safely. We just need to be patient. 

Please understand that the above notes are based on today’s information. Covid-19 is unpredictable and so we must all be nimble and work with the guidelines we get at any given moment. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at with questions or suggestions.  Thanks for your patience and I hope you are all well!


Renee Laprise
Executive Director


• Equipment will be cleaned over all contact surfaces with alcohol swabs, or a spray disinfectant. The equipment is cleaned when returned from a rental.  If it has been used or touched inside the FilmPEI premises then it will be cleaned again before going out on another rental.

• The only person with authorization to handle the equipment on FilmPEI premises outside of rental drop off will be our Tech Director, Thomas Mears.

• requests must be submitted minimum 72 hours prior to rental pickup

Outgoing rental procedure:

• The member will arrange a pickup time with Thomas.  They will park at the back loading door, and call/text/knock upon arrival.  Thomas will load the equipment into their vehicle.

• Rental agreements will be done via email.

Returning rental procedure:

• The member will arrange a drop-off time with Thomas. They will park at the back loading door, and call/text/knock upon arrival.  Then they will load the equipment into the FilmPEI rental loading area by the back door. All bags/cases must be opened by the member so contents can be seen.

• Thomas will visually assess gear for missing items.

• The equipment will then remain untouched in “quarantine” for a period of 48 hours after which the equipment will be assessed for working properly cleaned and put away into its regular storage area.

1. how many people are you shooting with? crew and clients/subjects?
2. where are you shooting – inside or outside?
3. if you are shooting inside how will you ensure 6 ft separation between crew members and clients?
4. who is handling the gear?
5. what kind of safety measures are you taking (masks, sanitizer) ?

FilmPEI Disrupted Service

Saturday, March 14, 2020

To Our Valued Members and Clients,

FilmPEI is monitoring the situation surrounding COVID-19 and want to take this time to update you on what we are doing moving forward. With the revelation that a case has been identified on PEI, and taking into consideration that staff have ‘at risk’ family members, we have decided that as of today all programming will be suspended until further notice. As well, FilmPEI’s facility will be closed to the public and equipment will be not be accessible at this time.

NOTE: A decision about postponing PEI Screenwriters’ Bootcamp will be made prior to March 27, 2020.

FilmPEI’s Executive Director and Technical Director will be available to offer services remotely during regular business hours. Please contact the Executive Director by email or phone to book appointments or for any questions or clarifications.

We would like members/clients to monitor themselves for any symptoms, and if you have been out of Canada in the past 14 days to refrain from booking appointments with the Executive Director. We are following all public health advice regarding COVID-19 and as we monitor the situation we will post any updates on social media and on our website.

*Please note due to the nature of the virus and the ongoing issue that this may change at any time.*

Executive Director
(mobile) 902-213-2471

Technical Director

FilmPEI Digital Strategy – Request For Proposals

January 27, 2020

FILMPEI is seeking proposals from consultants to conduct research, assess digital maturity/needs and develop a four-year strategy for the organization.

Download RFP Here


Proposals must be received no later than 4:00PM, on Friday, February 7, 2020. All responses must be submitted digitally with the subject line FilmPEI DIGITAL STRATEGY PROPOSAL RFP RESPONSE. All submitters will be emailed a notice of receipt. If you do not receive a notice of receipt by 5:00PM Friday, February 7, 2020 please contact FilmPEI immediately either by email or by phone.


Proposals will not be accepted after the date and time stated above. Incomplete submissions that do not conform to the requirements specified herein will not be considered.

Thank you for your interest in working with FilmPEI on this project. We look forward to receiving your proposal.

Renee Laprise
Executive Director, FilmPEI

Film 4Ward 2020 winners announced!



Charlottetown, PE, (December 6, 2019) –  FilmPEI is excited to announce the four successful productions that are being supported by this year’s Film 4Ward program. The successful entries include:  Emerging Production – Wraith of Malpeque  (horror/comedy) with Nathan Carter (Producer) and Justin O’Hanley (Director) ; Established Productions – Sorry, Mommy (psychological thriller) with Louise Lalonde (Producer) and Donna Davies (Director), The Rolling Pin (drama) with  Emma Fugate (Producer) and Trilby Jeeves (Director), and Chase the Ace (comedy) Jason Arsenault (Producer) and Jeremy Larter (Director)

“Competition for the second year of Film 4Ward was stiff,” says FilmPEI’s Executive Director, Renee Laprise. “There were a lot of really amazing projects put forth and we were excited to see so many new names and producer/director pairings.”

Projects were assessed by a jury of nationally acclaimed producers and directors from off-Island. Film 4Ward workshops and mentoring will begin in January and films are expected to be produced in the early spring with final delivery happening by the end of June 2020.

The pilot year of Film 4Ward saw many local people trained by industry level crew and producers. Many of these people went on to work on the feature film “A Small Fortune” which shot on PEI in the fall. The four short films that were produced through Film 4Ward are currently on the festival circuit and will air on CBC and CBC Gem. Jenna MacMillan’s Sunnyside won the Best Actor award for its lead, Sophia Bell at the 2019 FIN Atlantic International Film Festival.

“We’re always happy to support the Film 4ward Program to help develop, grow and sustain homegrown, independent film on Prince Edward Island,” says Minister of Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture, Matthew MacKay. “A successful film industry benefits all Islanders, as it directly impacts our provincial economy and cultural identity.”

Film 4Ward is an incubator program for film/media production on Prince Edward Island that aims to support PEI’s film and television sector through training opportunities and production funding. Leveraging industry expertise across PEI and Canada, participants will be trained by industry professionals through a series of workshops and job shadowing opportunities. Four film projects will receive production funding of up to $20,000 and in-kind facilities and services each year. Film 4Ward is funded by the Department of Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture, through Innovation PEI and the Culture Action Plan, with additional funding provided by Telefilm Canada and CBC, and administrated by FilmPEI.

For further information, contact:

Renee Laprise, Executive Director





Film 4Ward Films Debut at FIN 2019

Film4Ward Films Premiere at FIN – Atlantic International Film Festival

Four short films funded by FilmPEI’s new film fund, Film 4Ward, are premiering at the 2019 FIN Atlantic International Film Festival in Halifax this September.  They will then go on to screen at other festivals including the PEI premiere at the Charlottetown Film Festival in October. The four films are: Hot or Not (Director – Ryan McCarvill, Producer – Matt Sherman),  SunnySide (Director – Jenna MacMillan, Producer – Bryde MacLean), Furball (Director – Jason Rogerson, Producer – Harmony Wagner), and Solastalgia (Director – Millefiore Clarkes, Producer – Emma Fugate).

Furball and Hot or Not screen in the Atlantic Shorts program on Sunday Sept 15th and Thursday Sept 19th. Solastalgia and SunnySide screen as part of the Atlantic Shorts Gala on Wednesday September 18th.

 The main goals of the Film4Ward program, which include workshops, mentorship and on-set training, are to build capacity in the film industry on PEI and fund projects that can lift local producers and directors to the next level of their creative careers.

Renee Laprise, ED of FilmPEI says “FilmPEI is extremely excited to share the Film 4Ward films with the world. All of the teams delivered films of high production value and quality storytelling. Film trainees have continued to work on films throughout the summer and there has certainly been a boost in local production.”

Film 4Ward 2019/20 will be very similar in structure to the first year and will launch in September with a submission deadline of November 18th, 2019. 

Film 4Ward is funded by the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, through Innovation PEI and the Culture Action Plan, with additional funding provided by Telefilm Canada and CBC, and led by FilmPEI.

A little bit about the four films:


Bats, a worker at a group home, is tasked with bringing Laura, a hardened teenager, to SunnySide, a facility that deals with tough cases, after Laura hurt a girl at the group home. Along the way, as Bats’ marriage falls apart, and Laura attempts to escape, the two come to understand personal and revelatory details about each other’s lives.

Director Jenna MacMillan says of the production “Our team brought all of their resourcefulness, curiosity, and creativity to set each day and together we told a story that is completely unique to the team that assembled to make it.”


When self-centred feline, Furball, faces losing his owner’s attention, he takes matters into his own paws and learns that, while relationships may change, the love remains, no matter what the species. Furball’s American premiere happens at the New York Cat Film Festival on November 3rd.


Jake and Hayley navigate the struggles of dating in a small Canadian city. Despite failure after failure, they lean on each other as they continue their doomed search for love.

Producer Matt Sherman found the Film4Ward program worked well to build film community: “Shooting Hot or Not was a great experience because there was a really good mix of seasoned pros and new faces on set.”


Solastalgia is a lyrical, dramatic film that explores the anguish that climate change and a global state of uncertainty can impart upon the human psyche. When the panic over global crises threatens to engulf her, Ava embarks on a vision-quest to put things in perspective.


FilmPEI back to regular hours!

With our renos almost completed, we are ready to get back to our regular hours! So drop in weekdays 9 to 5  and see what we’ve been up to!

Also NEW extended TECH hours! Thomas will now be in from 9 to 5 on Mondays and Fridays. And he’s in from 9 to 2pm on Tues, Wed and Thurs.

Film 4Ward 2018 Winners Announced

Film 4Ward Program Winners Announced – $80,000 in funding distributed to Island Filmmakers

Minister of Economic Development and Tourism Chris Palmer (fourth from left) today joined Film PEI Executive Director Renee Laprise (fifth from left) to announce the recipients of Film 4Ward funding for 2018. The successful applicants include (from left to right) Millefiore Clarkes (and her son Henry), Emma Fugate, Harmony Wagner, Jason Rogerson, John Ross Fitzpatrick, Matt Sherman and Ryan McCarvill. Full details of the Film 4Ward funding can be found at . Missing from photo are recipients Jenna MacMillan and Jason Arsenault.

The Film 4Ward Program is pleased to announce the selected projects of its 2018 competition.

The Emerging selection is:

“Hot or Not” – Matt Sherman (producer), Ryan McCarvill (director), Katie Mac/ John-Ross Fitzpatrick (writers).

Logline – Hayley and Jake are best friends stumbling through modern dating, with endless hook-up options and very little hope for real love.

This team has been developing a script for a web series version of this project in the PEI Screenwriters’ Bootcamp and this past year their pitch won the Audience Choice Award in the ‘Pitch for Your Life’ competition.

The Mid-Career selections are:

‘Song of Forgiveness and Farewell’ – Emma Fugate (producer), Millefiore Clarkes (director), Millefiore Clarkes/Tanya Davis (writers)

Logline – When the panic over global crisis threatens to engulf her, Ava embarks on a vision-quest to put things in perspective.

Millefiore Clarkes is an award-winning filmmaker who’s most recent NFB documentary ‘The Song and the Sorrow’ is currently on the festival circuit. Emma Fugate is very active in the PEI film industry and will be adding producing to her repertoire of talents.

‘Furball’ – Harmony Wagner (producer), Jason Rogerson (director,writer)

Logline – Some sages have beards. Other have whiskers. Furball follows a day in the life of a cat as he reflects on the current state of the world, offers advice on how to best survive it, and reminds us about what’s truly important – love and respect.

This team has been the creative force behind several short films including Queen of the Crows and have two feature films under their belts, Kooperman and Singing to Myself.

‘The Weekend’ – Jason Arsenault (producer), Jenna MacMillan (director), Blaine Watters (writer)

Logline – After a group home is evacuated for repairs to a gas leak, a young social worker in a failing marriage is forced to take the most troubled kid in care with her on a much needed “couples getaway” with her husband.

The creative team of Jason Arsenault and Jenna MacMillan are currently in post-production with their webseries, Wharf Rats, the winner of the Telefilm Micro-budget Production Program Grant, The BellFund Grant and the Independent Production Fund.

Film 4Ward grew out of the PEI Culture Action Plan consultations with local filmmakers who identified the need for content and skill development in order for PEI filmmakers to access national and global film and TV markets. In response to this, the Province of PEI worked collaboratively with FilmPEI and a committee of several filmmakers to develop the Film 4Ward program.

Over the last 6 months FilmPEI hosted more than a dozen skills workshops designed to build capacity in the film and media community. Many of those workshops were also specifically focused on developing applications for the Film 4Ward program. Professionals with national and international success were brought in to teach and give notes on scripts.  Ultimately, the program had fifteen teams apply for funding.

A jury of four film industry professionals, three from off-Island and one from PEI, read through all the applications and deliberated for several hours to come to a consensus on the top four projects. This year the jury chose one emerging project and three mid-career projects. The emerging team will be working directly with the Film 4Ward committee to ensure the team is properly trained and mentored.  The mid-career winners will be working with the committee to build action plans that will engage PEI crew participate in on-the-job training on these projects.

“Our province’s film community is growing, not only in size, but in the experience and capabilities it possesses,” Economic Development and Tourism Minister Chris Palmer said. “The funding awarded today will give Island filmmakers even greater opportunity to hone their craft and bring their stories to life. I offer sincere congratulations to all the winners.”

The Film 4Ward committee is pleased with the number and quality of applicants who submitted to the program and encourage everyone to continue to develop their projects and skills in the upcoming workshops. “We have a lot of talent on this mighty island and we are excited to give creative teams the resources and training they need in order to create calling card films to forward their creative careers on a national and international stage”, notes Renee Laprise, Executive Director of Film PEI.

The Film 4Ward program is funded by Innovation PEI through the PEI Culture Action Plan, with additional funding provided by Telefilm Canada and CBC, and led by FilmPEI.