Film 4Ward Program

FilmPEI is excited to announced our new Film 4Ward program, an incubator program for film production and skill capacity building for both emerging and mid-career filmmakers.  Leveraging industry expertise across PEI and Canada, participants will be trained by industry professionals through a series of workshops and job shadowing opportunities. Four filmmaking teams will be chosen in a juried process and given funding and support to complete their films.

Guidelines, eligibility requirements and timelines are currently being solidified and will be announced by the end of July, 2018. We expect to have application deadline happen in mid-September.  NOTE: Emerging filmmaker will be someone with basic filmmaking skills and have made at least one film. Mid-career filmmaker will be someone that has more advanced skill sets and has made several independent films or other media related content.

Support workshops designed to help people applying for the program will happen over the summer. This will include a program overview, writing for short film and documentary, writing an application, creating a budget, etc.

Projects, at least 2 of which will be from emerging filmmakers, will be chosen by a jury of off-island and on-island industry professionals. All projects will have a needs assessment done to identify areas that need the most work and provide mentors or support to ensure that each project is the best it can be.

The Film 4Ward program was designed to develop talent and content from emerging to mid-career PEI filmmakers to make them more competitive at a national and international level and forward the creative careers of these filmmakers in a meaningful and strategic way. From this program, creators will have calling card films they can use to enter international festival circuit/digital distribution and help them move their career forward to larger budget projects including feature films.