‘FLOTILLA’ coming to Charlottetown

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IMAC is excited to support Flotilla, the upcoming weeklong artist/arts organization gathering in Charlottetown Sept 21 to 24. We will be providing equipment throughout the event and have provide passes for FIVE artists to attend .

Flotilla offers many amazing opportunities to experience work that we don’t often get to experience in PEI. Attending this multi-faceted event will open your mind to new ideas, perhaps help you see a little differently, which can work to inform and shape whatever kind of work you are creating.

For more information on Flotilla go to www.flotillaatlantic.com.


FLOTILLA/FLOTTILLE is the first transnational gathering focusing on nomadic and temporary elements of contemporary artist-run culture in Atlantic Canada. From September 21st to 24th 2017, participants from around the world will work alongside regional artists and practitioners to re-imagine artist-run culture in a series of public exhibitions, events and discussions in and around Charlottetown, PE. Taking inspiration from a nautical metaphor of boats banded together in open water, FLOTILLA/FLOTTILLE speaks to the shifting tides within cultural practice: ideas of nomadism, isolation, transition, exchange, and innovation.

FLOTILLA/FLOTTILLE’s program considers the flexible, responsive and provisional forms of organization that are increasingly necessary for the sustained evolution of contemporary artist-run culture. Innovative platforms for artistic collaboration will be a key focus. FLOTILLA/FLOTTILLE’s discourse will happen outside traditional spaces of power, on beaches, over the lunch table, at night, and in the public square, focusing on artistic production through current social and political themes.

FLOTILLA/FLOTTILLE aims to strengthen artist-run networks, exploring the emancipatory idea that artist-run space-making encourages owning the means of production; through cultural negotiations and conversations around food, collaboration, floating architecture, and the travelling archive as platforms to reach new audiences. We will explore pertinent ideas including: cultural negotiation, documentation, imaginary futures, identify and challenge past and current colonial gestures, and emphasizing how our relationship with available creative “spaces” affects artistic productivity.