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IMAC is on a mission to increase our membership numbers and diversify our board in order to strengthen our position with policy makers and funders provincially and federally. Our active membership last year was over 105 people and we hope to top that this year.

IMAC doesn’t just rent gear. We are facilitators, advocates, community partners, information disseminators, and content marketers. We’ve worked hard over the last 18 months for filmmakers and cultural workers in general by advocating for the their best interests on a provincial and federal level.

Filmmaking on PEI is currently seeing a renaissance.  We want to build on this but we need the numbers. We need to band together to build up this important and active sector on PEI to convince potential funders that IMAC and Island filmmakers, actors, composers, sound designers, set builders, makeup artists, wardrobe people, and all the other cultural workers that go into making films, are here and active and worth investing in.

IMAC is a valuable resource within the cultural community. Please consider supporting IMAC with a General Membership today.
Thanks all!