FilmPEI is the catalyst for a thriving and sustainable filmmaking ecosystem on PEI.

FilmPEI’s mission is to develop, attract, and champion PEI filmmaking.

The primary purpose of FilmPEI is to assist emerging, mid-career and established media artists in their production efforts by providing a pool of production talent, resources, workshops, equipment and post-production facilities as well as seeking out opportunities to showcase members’ work. FilmPEI is focused on facilitating the creative careers of PEI filmmakers and develop a thriving film ecosystem on Prince Edward Island. FilmPEI endeavours to provide an environment in which member interaction promotes an exchange of ideas and learning. The organization also strives to encourage members to continue to develop their skills and insights while providing opportunities for them to produce, present and distribute their work.

• To provide a space where filmmakers and media artists can perfect their craft and exchange ideas.

• To assist filmmakers and media artists in their independent productions by providing low cost equipment and facilities.

• To encourage the pursuit of excellence in film and media art.

• To serve as an information hub about festivals, publications, conferences, grants, websites and any other sources of information about the media arts.

• To assist in the dissemination and presentation of works by Members.

• To support and encourage filmmakers and media artists at all levels by offering workshops, mentorship, resources and outreach programs.

• To develop and sustain a thriving ecosystem for filmmaking/media arts on PEI.


FilmPEI acknowledges that the land on which it operates is the traditional unceded territory of the L’nu/Mi’kmaq. FilmPEI respects the history, spirituality, and culture of the L’nu/Mi’kmaq people who have lived on Epekwitk for over 15,000 years and that of other Indigenous people who have migrated here from all across Turtle Island. FilmPEI is committed to amplifying Indigenous voices in the media arts by providing free memberships and access to workshops to Indigenous filmmakers, Indigenous representation on the board of directors and a dedicated Indigenous stream within the operations to help further build capacity in the Indigenous community on Epekwitk. It is the intention of the organization to be a strong ally by promoting self-directed growth in the Indigenous media arts.