Film Industry Fundamentals

Entering its third iteration, Film Industry Fundamentals (FIF) is a P.E.I. training program that qualifies graduates to participate in professional live-action productions in an entry-level position in the department of their choice. It prepares them for advanced-level involvement in the film industry through skill-testing exercises and on-the-job experience. The participant will have the opportunity to gain hands-on training in of eight departments – camera, script supervision, sound mixing, production design, electric, grip, assistant director and locations. This course is beneficial to participants who are brand new to the industry, people with skills in related fields looking to make a career change (construction, architecture, photography, project management, fashion etc.) or filmmakers seeking a more specialized understanding of one of the departments covered in this course.


Feb. 17 – April 9, 2022  – In-person elements subject to COVID-19 guidelines

Weeks 1 – 5: In-person set training (6pm – 9pm, one evening per week)
Weeks 6 – 7: Department mentorship sessions (mentors to schedule)
Weeks 8: Two-day film shoot (April 8 – 9 weekend)
Some elements may be moved online pending COVID-19 guidelines

After successful completion of this course, students will have a comprehensive understanding of how the Canadian film industry functions and how they can participate within it. Knowledge of the key roles within the industry, various content types, phases of film production, key players and financial structuring will help participants set themselves up to confidently begin a future working in film.


The FIF Bootcamp is limited to 20 participants. To apply or to get more information, reach out to us at:


Feb. 7

COURSE FEE:  General Public $500 (+HST) / FilmPEI Members $250 (+HST)
Members are also

FilmPEI has a “pay what you can” policy for its members. Ask about membership and payment options. 

● The ability to find a job on a film set in an entry-level position,
● The ability to understand, explain and differentiate the purpose of each department and the people within them,
● The understanding of how a film set functions depending on budget level, format or union affiliation,
● Increased understanding of film set terminology,
● And in-depth appreciation of the various stages of film creation (development, pre-production, production, post-production and distribution).

Students will execute specific departments’ roles while filming different scenes together and screen and review filmed scenes according to assigned departments – providing practical and applied learning components to the fundamentals course, understanding of one of the six departments covered in this course.

Through FIF, you will start to become familiar with the people and activities that make up the growing film community on P.E.I. 

Despite recent COVID-19 shutdowns the film industry has flourished. FilmPEI itself has doubled its facility, equipment and workshop revenue this fiscal already. Overall, the industry is projected to grow from $2M/year in production activity to $15M/year in 2024. Several feature films and TV series are currently in the pipeline and P.E.I. is actively recruiting service production work. Having experienced workers is paramount to the growth of Island production companies.

With the prospect of large budget Film/TV productions happening in 2022, it’s vital to get this newly specialized P.E.I. talent to industry standards so they may work under imported industry key talent and absorb the on-the-job training. To prepare these workers, FilmPEI will provide intensive masterclass courses with industry professionals from the Canadian film industry.

The Film Industry Fundamentals program is funded by Innovation PEI, Skills PEI and ACOA.

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