BIG NEWS – Island project gets chosen as a finalist for Telefilm’s Micro-budget Production Program

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IMAC is happy to announce that its recommended project “The Lovely Witches Club” created by Renee Laprise and Patti Larsen has been selected as a finalist for 2016 Telefilm Micro-Budget Production Program! The project’s producer and co-director Renee Laprise was excited to get the news.

“We are just so excited to get started! Patti (Larsen) and I have been working on various incarnations of the Lovely Witches Club since 2009. From an online creative group to the epic Witches Ball Halloween parties in 2009, 2010 and 2015, the Lovely Witches Club has been a creative space for women to express themselves in a variety of ways.  To be able to embody the essence of the Lovely Witches Club in fictional stories on the web and in novels is really a dream come true.

We’ll be casting in late June and shooting in August and part of the marketing strategy is to let people follow the process step by step. We have an extensive marketing strategy in mind and it’s being expanded by our marketing expert Annelise Larson who has extensive experience with Telefilm projects. This is going to be a really fun project for us to make and for people to experience as a process and as a final viewing and reading experience. We are starting the process June 27th so go to to watch the whole thing unfold.

Patti and I really want to thank the IMAC selection committee, the IMAC board, our mentors and Telefilm and the Talent Fund for being awesome and giving us such a wonderful opportunity.”

The Lovely Witches Club is a 7 x 11 minute episode paranormal webseries that follows a young disillusioned filmmaker hired by the so-called “witches” of Prince Edward Island to make a documentary about them only to discover the Island’s magic has been cursed and she’s the only one that can break it.

*** Watch for the novellas written by award winning author Patti Larsen based on the Lovely Witches Club webseries to be released during the series launch in January 2017. ***

Find the official TELEFILM press release HERE.