IMAC Producer’s Pot-Luck

We have so many new members and not everybody knows each other…  it’s time that we have a get-together designed to match people up who might benefit from partnering or collaborating.  Think of it as a kind of ‘speed-dating’!

  • Friday, September 21st – 5:30 to 9:00
  • The Guild (cash bar!)

This will be open to all IMAC members – Producer, General and Honorary – as well as selected non-members.  We would like to ask anyone who wants to find a specific kind of ‘partner’; collaborator, helper or co-producer (be it a brawny grip or a finicky editor) to let Jim Bruce know in advance. or 893-3131.

Whether or not you are looking for that special someone why not come anyway just to meet-and-greet the rest of the gang?  Please have your wish-lists to me by at least the 21st!