IMAC recommends Adam Perry’s “A Small Fortune” for Telefilm’s Microbudget Program

adamIMAC is pleased to announce that it has chosen Adam Perry’s feature film proposal “A Small Fortune” as this year’s IMAC recommended submission to the Telefilm Microbudget Program.  The proposal has been submitted to Telefilm to be juried along with 30 other film submissions from across Canada. Should Perry be selected he will be granted $120 000 to make his feature film “A Small Fortune”. The film follows Irish moss farmer Kevin Doucette who discovers a bag of money in the water off the banks of Prince Edward Island.  His life is turned around. His pregnant girlfriend, Sam, thinks it’s a blessing until a body washes up on shore and the local police begin an investigation. As they decide what side of the law to tread, tensions rise when an amateur crook begins a hunt for the missing money. Before long, Kevin and Sam find themselves in the middle of a deadly chase as one bad decision leads them down an ugly path of regret.

Perry is no stranger to film making. In 2007 he and Jeremy Larter created 2 seasons Profile PEI, a comedy series that follows the misadventures of a wannabe script writer. In 2009 Adam completed his second web series, Jiggers, a dramedy that tells the story of a slow-footed step dancer and a rapper. Recently Adam has been involved in a few culinary projects with Chef Michael Smith. 2010 held the release of Food Country, featuring an in depth look at where our food comes from on Prince Edward Island. He then shot and directed Chef Michael Smith in 2011’s Discover Lentils with a focus on the Lentil growing industry in Saskatchewan. The Food Network then requested a back to basics cooking web series called Chef Michael’s Kitchen in 2011 for their website. In 2012 Adam was called up to the big leagues and the series was developed into a television show and is now airing on the Food Network channel across Canada.  Most recently he traveled the globe to film his latest web series, Lentil Hunter. Adam is currently developing a number of feature length films and continues to help other filmmakers when he can.

Perry, the writer/director on this project and has enlisted the talents of Island filmmakers Jenna MacMillan and Jason Arsenault as the film’s producers.

IMAC is very confident that “A Small Fortune” will be one of the stronger submissions to Telefilm this year. IMAC’s Executive Director Renee Laprise commented, “It would be fantastic to have a second Island feature chosen to be funded by Telefilm.  Last year Harmony Wagner and Jason Rogerson won with Kooperman and they are currently in post production with it. A lot was learned and will be passed on I’m sure! As for Adam, he is one of IMAC’s most prolific filmmakers. He’s been working really hard to build up his career to this point.  I’m really excited for him! You can see from the trailer he created for the application that this film is going to be amazing.”

To see the trailer go to  Winners should be announced some time in early May.