What does investing in a FILM INDUSTRY look like?

Nova Scotia has made some brilliant videos that clarify exactly what investment in a film industry looks like.  Keep in mind PEI is currently the only province (or territory) that has NO investment whatsoever.

It’s easy to get confused by the numbers. It’s not a simple system to understand or explain but these videos are great and they illustrate how things could work here. There is money to be made in the film sector through jobs created and money spent in the creation of film and video.  Not to mention the restaurants we eat at and the accountants we hire, the taxes we pay and the taxes that the people we buy goods and services from pay.

Thanks for NS for getting this information out there in such an easy to understand way. We hope that the NS industry can find its way through this dark time.  It is essential to the Maritimes that we have as many voices as possible telling our stories!