Bluefin Documentary on the World Stage

Bluefin Documentary Trailer Director’s Cut from BLUEFIN A Film by John Hopkins on Vimeo.


Bluefin, the NFB feature documentary directed by PEI’s own John Hopkins, is screening at the Friday Harbour Film Festival, San Juan Island Washington State Nov. 3-5th, the Guelph Film Festival Nov. 11th and has been selected by Hot Docs to screen as part of its Film Changing the World series Dec. 19th at the Hot Docs Rogers Cinema, Toronto.


From Director John Hopkins on his journey and inspiration in getting Bluefin “out there” around the world over 2017:


I really feel driven by the experience of making this film and what I witnessed. It affected me strongly and feel it is my calling to reach out that vast oceans and its wildlife are in serious trouble. Bluefin is about what we have become as species and the urgent need to understand what we need to do to truly become part of the cycle of life, and not a top predator with no regard for that precious balance. In the end, short term greed will see us starving like the whales, tuna and sea birds are suffering off PEI right now. The festival circuit is a way to get a wider conversation going.


The global digital release of Bluefin this January to 100 digital platforms with a reach over 1 billion people is just fantastic news for relentlessly hunted bluefin and ocean wildlife. Only through greater understanding can we work together to preserve these creatures, truly provide sustainability and do something to counter sheer human greed and reckless ignorance.


Bluefin just goes to show you that you can make films on PEI exploring Island stories here, right under our noses, which can have profound international meaning and impact, not only for our own Island communities but for the world. PEI is rich in filmmaking talent and we can turn our cameras on our own society and explore it with the documentary medium, without feeling the real story is elsewhere.


Know anyone in the Guelph area? BF plays there next Sat!

Just finished screening at the Friday Harbour Film Festival, San Juan Island, Washington State. SOLD OUT! At the awards, the President of the NYC Explorer’s Club announced BF will presented upcoming as a Special Event in NYC.