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the video generation must respect the film generation. the video generation must respect the film generation. the video generation must respect the film generation. the video generation must respect the film generation…

I have much to learn.  These good folks were creating inspired film works well before I joined IMAC.  And, indeed, IMAC has been the core of our film community since long long before this photo.  Important to keep that in mind.

BunnyBop! ep.12


A whole bunch of talented IMAC members, including the creators Cheryl and Harmony Wagner of Periscope Pictures, were involved in the making of this special little show. 


Small Town Session 4.1


that very fine singer is John Connolly.

the beautiful camera work is Adam Perry.

and the gentle, crisp audio is Adam Gallant.

CBC 3-2-1 Award

The CBC Maritimes announces production award for Prince Edward Island Filmmakers.

The CBC Maritimes is pleased to announce the 3-2-1 Award for Prince Edward Island, 2011. The PEI 3-2-1 will be presented to a filmmaker to produce a short film for broadcast on the CBC Television in the Maritimes. The award is $12,500 cash.

To be eligible applicants must have completed 3 short films, the project must be suitable for distribution on 2 or more platforms and the film must be completed in 1 year.

The winner will be announced at the CBC sponsored Short Film Gala at the Island Media Arts Festival on May 15.

Last years winner was Jason Rogerson with the film Lucky 7. Lucky 7 will premiere at the Island Media Arts Festival during the CBC Shorts Gala screening on Sunday, May 15.

The application process begins today. The deadline for applications is Friday, April 29 at 5:00pm.

Download an Application | Guidelines

For further information contact:

Peter Hall

(902) 420-4364

TV promo shoot for IMAF

Send us a msg at IMAC if you’re interested in volunteering this Sunday, April 3rd.  We’re shooting an ad for the upcoming IMAFestival, and we’d like to get a whole slew of extras.  Tell your friends.