Celebrating Black History Month


IMAC in partnership with the Black Cultural Society and Cinema Politica celebrate Black History month with a screening of Ninth Floor, Whitewash and from our own Scott Parsons the trailer for Jupiter Wise vs. The King.

Sun, Feb 12
2pm (doors open at 1:45)
City Cinema
By Donation



Trailer by Scott Parsons (director), Ryan Gallant (writer)

The King vs Jupiter Wise is a fictional adaptation of the life of Jupiter Wise, a slave on PEI in 1785. Jupiter wants to get on a boat and escape slavery on PEI. He wants the woman he loves who is owned by the Governor to go with him. As he is beginning his “run” he discovers that his owner’s son is being kidnapped and one of their buildings on fire. Jupiter decides to rescue the boy from his kidnappers. Thus begins a tale of truth, love, hardship and redemption. Screen play written by Ryan Gallant. Original soundtrack by Scott Parsons and Jonny King. Produced and directed by Scott Parsons and Eye Witness Productions Canada.



by Nadine Valcin / Canada / 6:20 / 2016 / English

Whitewash examines slavery in Canada and its omission from the national narrative. The country prides itself as being the benevolent refuge where enslaved Africans who were brought to United States gained their freedom via the Underground Railroad. That powerful image overshadows the fact that slavery was legal in Canada for over 200 years under both French and British rule. Whitewash brings to light some of the slave families that were brought to Prince Edward Island by Loyalists and looks at how nine generations of descendants have assimilated to the point of leaving very few visible traces of their origin.

The New Trailer from Scott Parsons: THE KING VS. JUPITER WISE


Over four decades after the infamous Sir George Williams Riot, Ninth Floor reopens the file on a watershed moment in Canadian race relations and one of the most contested episodes in the nation’s history. Making an audacious foray into non-fiction, writer and director Mina Shum engages the original protagonists in a compassionate cinematic exercise of reckoning and redemption.

Director: Mina Shum
Cast: Rodney John, Clarence Bayne, Senator Anne Cool
Year: 2015
Duration: 82 min