IMAC is looking for 2 people to join our team.

IMAC is hiring 2 people for six month contracts through the Skills Work Experience Program. These positions require that you are EI eligible so please call Skills PEI to find out the process.


Position #1 –  Youth Program Director Extraordinaire: you will work with IMAC’s ED to design programs for youth and then deliver that programming either at IMAC or at various locations.


Position #2 – Media Content Creator/Equipment Room Wizard:  you’ll be working with IMAC’s ED in the equipment room doing inventory and then you’ll be shooting/editing videos with some IMAC members demonstrating that equipment. These videos will become part of IMAC’s Youtube channel.


Skills PEI requires that this be a 40 hour week the majority of which happens at IMAC in Charlottetown. You may be working off site if the project requires it.


Wage is paid by Skills PEI and is $537.00/week and positions start May 23rd and end November 18th.

Please be advised that these are not insurable hours and working on this project will use up your current EI hours. If you have collected EI in the last 3 years and are out of hours or if you have been on maternity leave or disability in the last 5 years you may still be eligible for this position.


Contact the Executive Director, Renee Laprise at to discuss these positions further and to send in your resume.  Please make sure you are EI eligible before applying.