In esclusiva per i lettori controllalo, tre capitoli estratti da Cinquant'anni e non sentirli di Maurizio Longobardi. Una raccolta di cinquanta racconti su quanto gli uomini riescano a rendersi...

Keep an eye on our newsfeed and our events calendar for future FilmPEI workshops!!!

FilmPEI typically has several workshops on the go in any given month. We have 3 different workshop streams currently in the works:

1) Film4Ward program which will include a comprehensive curriculum of intro to masterclasses.

2) PEI Screenwriters’ Bootcamp which focuses on writing and producing

3) General public interest courses for hobbyists and businesses looking to make media content for their online presence.

If you have a request for courses please don’t hesitate to contact us at We are happy to accommodate the needs of the community.

FilmPEI members will typically get a reduced rate on workshops and be notified first via our members-only mailing list.

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Kelly Casely running an Intro to Art Direction workshop Feb 2019.